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About us

Welcome to a safe place to be yourself! 

We believe everyone should be comfortable in their own skin. Discovering who you are is a process that lasts for a lifetime, we are here to celebrate your journey. This is a safe place to be truly who you are. 

We are Daniel & Ivan, a gay couple that is creating a brand. More than a brand, it's a statement to the world that you can be whoever you want to be.

We were raised in Mexico in a conservative environment that kept telling us we were wrong just for being ourselves. We struggled with our own self confidence during years, so we started EXCITED to empower you.

Whenever you feel you aren't enough, alone or you don't fit, we are here with you in the form of a sexy underwear, great grooming products or simply hit us a DM @excitedmx. 

How we plan to make the world more EXCITED? 

We co-design and co-create all of our products with our customers community. They are just like you and us.